400 Calorie Meals just for You

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 Quick 400 calorie meals & recipes that we show you here will save a lot of your time and energy in the mornings while cooking breakfast. 400 calorie breakfast meals sounds very interesting especially when you are a mother and have to take of nutrition and also taste preferences of your children.

3 really quick 400 calorie breakfast meals just for you and your family


Recipe 1 (Simple 400 Calorie Cheese Omelette Meal)

3 really quick 400 calorie breakfast meals just for you and your family

This is an Easy low 400 calorie breakfast meal that each and every kid will like. This is due to the presence of cheese in it which will definitely be one of the favorites of your kids. Now to make it one of the standard 400 calorie meals you need is 2 eggs, a cube of normal cheese, salt to taste, refined oil, black pepper and tomatoes. With onion as an option as well if you or your kids like it.

Now the process is very simple just break the eggs in a bowl and mix them nicely. Add salt, black pepper, tomatoes and onion in it and mix thoroughly. Heat the oil with refined oil and just put the batter on it and cook from both sides. Once it’s cooked just grate the cheese on top of it and serve with toasted bread to your children.


Recipe 2 (400 Calorie Macaroni with Cheese and Vegetables Meal)

3 really quick 400 calorie breakfast meals just for you and your family

As nutrition is very important for growing years of a child it becomes very important for mothers to prepare something tasty as well as nutritious for their kids. Macaroni with Cheese and Vegetables is yet another Easy low calorie breakfast that is tasty as well as good for children due to vegetables. Now how to prepare this tasty breakfast?

Just boil Macaroni a little then put some refined oil in a round bottom pan. Ass some spices to it as black pepper, coriander powder and thyme to it. Then put some onions and fry them for some time. Cut all the vegetables you want to add to the dish preferably carrots, broccoli, beans and cabbage. Then mix everything well and cook for atleast 10 to 15 minutes. Then add mozzarella cheese and let it melt while the gas is on.

One of the tastiest 400 calorie meals a mother can serve her kids. The total calorie count of this dish is around 385 calories. That is quite good to taste.


Recipe 3 (400 Calorie Banana Apple Porridge Dessert Meal)

One of the good 400 calorie recipes to make you healthier and give you awesome strength for the whole day is this Banana Apple Porridge. Very simple to make and very healthy in nature the ingredients that you need to make this dish are 1 glass milk, ½ cup porridge, ½ banana, ½ piece apple, 1 spoon butter, 1 spoon sugar and ¼ cinnamon powder.

Well the method to make this 400 calorie breakfast meals is very simple. Just add butter in pan and cook the porridge for some time. Then add some water and cook well after those add cinnamon powder and sugar to it and stir well. After that pour 1 glass of milk into it, slice banana and apple and add to it then serve hot.