5 quick tips for 400 Calorie Meals

Below are 5 quick tips to help you make a 400 calorie meals. It is very important for a homemaker or chef to understand and know the value of nutritious food. You may be an extraordinary cook, but then you should also know what you are serving your people and how healthy your food is.

5 quick tips for you to help you make a 400 calorie meal

Tip 1

Cooking food is no rocket science that you start to wonder. It’s just simple steps and procedures that one needs to understand. To make a good breakfast for your family you just need to select proper ingredients. 2 pieces of brown bread with some butter on it has about 130 calories. Along with one boiled egg that gives about 145 calories.  Add 100 ml of milk that gives approx. 40 calories and one banana is 85 calories. This is how perfect 400 calorie breakfast meals are made.

5 quick tips for you to help you make a 400 calorie meal5 quick tips for you to help you make a 400 calorie meal

Tip 2

For good 400 calorie meals it is important to plan before you make your dinner. So this is how you plan for a good 400 calorie dinner recipes. To start with be sure of what you want to serve on table. It is best if you take a pen and a paper and calculate the ingredients you will be using to make your dish. It can be meat or vegetables all have their own calories so be careful while choosing as you do not want to go above 400 calories.

Tip 3

So for perfect 400 calorie dinner recipes here are some ingredient’s you can select from. If you are a non-vegetarian you can go for a low calorie grilled salmon fish 100 grams of which gives about 200 calories along with it one boiled potato that will give about 70 calories and a bowl of small rice that will give 130 calories. This exactly is an example of 400 calorie meals.

5 quick tips for you to help you make a 400 calorie meal

Tip 4

Another example of good 400 calorie breakfast meals if you want to lose weight as well is with a cup of oats. As you know that when oats is mixed with spices or even milk it tastes awesome so the combination of oats with spices or milk will give you around 215 calories and you can top it up with an apple that has about 95 calories and orange juice as well to give you about 50 calories this perfect combination is even a little less than 400 calories but one of ideal 400 calorie meals that is very healthy.

Tip 5

Good low calorie meals can be cooked with use of less oil and butter. Instead of frying you can grill and instead of using heavy spices you can replace them with simpler ones. You need to use more vegetables to make low calorie food as vegetables are very low in calories compared to meats.

So by these 5 tips you can make good 400 calorie meals without any stress or trouble at home. The best thing is that you just need to change the way of cooking to get low calorie meals. Using less oil and spices will also save some money from your grocery bills. So keep trying these steps to cook better low calorie meals.