Top 400 calorie meal recipes to consider for your lunch

You may be aware of the fact that those who prefer homemade dishes, remain healthier in comparison to those who believe in eating out in regular basis. However, you may have the excuse that it is difficult for the office goers to have homemade lunch. This article helps you learning some quick and healthier 400 calorie recipes that you may have heard of or tasted but never tried at home. It is assured that all these recipes deliver protein and fiber to your body only to keep you potentially satisfied round the clock.    Let’s talk about the 400 calorie recipes and their benefits!

Top 400 calorie meal recipes to consider for your lunch

  • Raw Taco “Gorilla” Wraps:

Among best 400 calorie meal recipes club, Raw Taco has reserved its position long before. Presence of amino acid, different enzymes, iron, magnesium and other essential minerals considerably act as proficient nutrient for your body muscles. Apart from that this potentially vegan meal is full of healthy fats, Vitamin A, E, C and K and, of course, iron.  The recipe is quick to be prepared at home and can be carried to office for a tasty 400 calorie lunches.


  • Rapini Noodle Bowl:

Among 400 calorie lunches you have ever tasted, Rapini Noodle Bowl stands as a forerunner. Apart from the 400 calorie recipes, it contains potential phytochemicals, powerful agents to fight against cancer. You must feel surprised to hear that the noodles are gluten-free. Presence of health agents like magnesium and generous amount of protein enable you having a sound health. What is more exciting, you can easily prepare this dish at home and serve for your lunch.

  • Roasted Veggie Wrap:

If you look for some yummy 400 calorie lunches, your search must end at Roasted Veggie Wrap with spreading beans top the stuffing. According to your choice, you can use vegetables for stuffing. This particular dish contains a lot of protein. At the same time, using of different vegetables may let you acquire lots of minerals. Its easy preparation and tasty padding are quite fascinating among 400 calorie meal recipes to satisfy your craziness for a profound and healthy meal.

Top 400 calorie meal recipes to consider for your lunch

  • Chopped Chickpea Salad:

It is quite surprising that most of the 400 calorie recipes are hailed back to Mediterranean Sea regions. Chopped Chickpea Salad was actually originated in Greece and later spread across the globe. This 400 calorie lunches meal basically contains a tons of vegetables socked in heart-healthy olive oil. You can consider this dish is packed with fibre, different nutrients and protein elements. Only a bite is enough to keep you healthier and safe from diseases.

If you wish to eat 400 calorie meal recipes, prepare yummy Tex-Max Spaghetti Squash at home by investing only a few minutes in kitchen. Its rich Vitamin A keeps you free from the attack of diseases. Use of Guacamole is nothing but the protein package topping. It also helps you in maintaining a proper digestion.

Top 400 calorie meal recipes to consider for your lunch

Now hopefully you know the best 400 calorie meal recipes that you can take to your office for lunch. These dishes are not only healthy, but at the same time their unique ingredient formula ensures your immunity power.